Born September 16 Naahtal is native of the Northwest region of Cameroon. She leads us to a place of fusion between different arts as in the image of her multidisciplinary artistic and engaged self. With her sensitivity both in sound and image, she rubs the world of art since childhood, lulled by the sounds of bottledance, High-life and Afrobeat.

Naahtal is also artistic manager Mbale Mbale since 2012 year during which she launched the concept Live N Vibe designed to promote Live Performances among youth. Naahtal was elected vice PCA of Cameroon's neighboring Rights Company in 2017. Naahtal chose originality with a touch of humor with strong lyrics and catchy music she talks about the ills of society. Naahtal takes us into a world where being crazy is an art. Keen on cultural sharing, her texts are generally written to raise awareness. Her lyrics are based on the respect of human values.

Style musical
Afro Fusion