Sinamandla Kwepile is an entertainment specialist with dynamic events management skills to produce and provide a platform for music, art and creative expression.
She is the woman behind the daily running of Moshito Music Conference and Exhibition and heads the strategy and coordinates all Moshito festivities.
Moshito is Africa’s premier event for the music industry to engage on the business of music.

With Sinamandla at the helm, Moshito has broaden the business intelligence of music industry professionals in Africa and strengthen business networks through creating cordial reciprocal cultural partnerships with other music markets. She has represented Moshito in similar and sister markets around Africa and abroad.

She has worked for and with The Khuli Chana Foundation, Roadshow Marketing, Afrocentric Agency, the Gauteng Department of Sports, Arts, Culture & Recreation, and Music Creators South Africa which is a new organisation in South Africa that empowers music copyright creators with tools to lead effective, sustainable careers and businesses.

Sinamandla will be a speaker at the Salon International des voix de Femmes from June 13 to 17.

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